British made leather goods from ARKIN

arkin leather wallet next to coffeeBritain was once a world famous manufacturer of all types of goods that we exported around the world. Competition on prices from emerging markets has seen the manufacture of leather goods in particular fall over recent generations. For every handcrafted Dunhill messenger bag there is a Chinese equivalent for a couple of quid. But you can’t necessarily blame the companies making these, it is a sign of consumer behaviour with customer preferring the quick fashion fix rather than investing their hard earned wages in men’s products that are built to last.

From a corner of Britain, Bristol to be precise, there is a new brand hoping to buck the trend and reintroduce men into affordable handmade leather goods crafted exclusively in the UK. ARKIN create each of their pieces to combat the heavy duties of daily life influenced by ‘Good Music’, ‘Good Folk’ and ‘Good Times’ (more…)

The Men’s Delmar Wood Watch from Jord

mens watch, a gentlemans row blog

In a world of mass produced products, Jord watches are delivering the discerning gentlemen of the world a welcome alternative. Their style is guided by a deep appreciation of natural elements and modern design. Wood is not just a component of their watches, it is the main element.


Pick of the week: Suit Supply Havana Suit


Summer can be a troubling time if you work in a office environment. Trying to keep things cool and still being presentable is a difficult combination, with men ending up removing their tie or untucking their shirts in order to combat the heat.

Linen is a perfect option to keep the body cooler, and Suit Supply have an impressive selection this spring summer.


I’m sorry… you said your going barefoot?


Yes its summer time. But does that really mean its time to drop the socks and go barefoot? We’ll if you want to have stinky feet and shoes or just a little more distance from your co-workers, that’s probably a great idea. If not, summer may be a great time to take your sock game to the next level!

Whether you’re the guy who spends most of his time at the gym, work, or partying, Cole And Parker has the socks in line with summer style while meeting your comfort needs.

The evolution of linen

menswear linen

My previous experiences with linen have not been kind (don’t go there), hence my 12 year hiatus from owning anything remotely linen. In that time I have bravely and foolishly sweated my way through every London tube journey known to man whilst staying safe in the knowledge that any linen products on the high street were more ‘beach wedding’ then ‘riviera smart’.

Maybe brands never thought it never went higher than 15 Celsius in Britain, so refused to entertain the fact that men needed fashionable linen. Recently I have found myself hunting more and more for some decent linen on the high street that can keep me cool but still have a smart edge.

It seems now that retailers have finally started to wake up to this much maligned material and we can be truly thankful to them.


Three brands other than Ray-Ban for sunglasses this summer

mens sunglasses

I’m guilty of it as I’m sure a lot of men reading this are. The sun starts coming out, and you realise you don’t have any sunglasses. You head straight down the high street and spend a few minutes trying on some ridiculous frames in a style that has never suited you, before opting for an £8 pair knowing it then doesn’t matter if your fat arse sits on them or you leave them in the pub after a few drinks. This year the eyewear revolution begins for me, and no longer will cheap frames adorn this face!

But where do you start?