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10 Great British Gins

glass of portobello gin

Here in London we have a rich heritage of producing gin, with distillery’s in Camden Town’s Lock Market distributing their wares across the world. Although it has to be said that the spirit did result in the 18th century infamous Gin Craze. Binge drinking took over and with it came a myriad of social problems.

Thankfully our social problems in conjunction with gin anyway are in the past. So we have decided to give you the chance to upgrade that G&T and taste the delights on offer from some of these fantastic British handcrafted producers.

carounn gin


Using 11 locally foraged botanicals from the Highlands of Scotland, this gin is quadruple distilled at a distillery full of history and pedigree. The process is overseen by a master gin maker, the spirit is vapourised in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber.


haymans london dry gin

Hayman’s London Dry Gin

Supplied by the oldest gin distilling family in England, producing the good stuff since 1863. Distilled in an affectionately named copper pot called “Marjorie”, Hayman’s London Dry gives a burst of bright juniper with a clean and crisp citrus finish. It is a double gold award winner made to a family recipe of 10 botanicals.


hendricks british gin


Hailing from a distillery in Scotland the gin is infused with rose and cucumber with the original copper pots first beginning their distillery adventure in 1886. Small batches are typically 1,000 litres, but Hendricks is made in batches of 500, allowing more control over the flavour. Enjoy in a G and T with the brand’s now famous drink accompaniment a slice of cucumber which replaces the traditional lime or lemon in the glass.


martin millers british gin

Martin Millers

Distilled in a single pot called ‘Angela’ made in 1898, Martin Millers aim when making gin was to create a “fresh, soft gin unlike no other”. To give it an edge, water is used from a spring in a sleepy village in Northern Iceland. Unpolluted and crisp, the water blends with the dry peeled citrus and juniper to offer that original plan of softness, and clarity of taste.


william chase gin

William Chase

A more fruity delivery comes from the use of cider apples fermented into cider, distilled into ‘Naked Chase’ then re-distilled with a mix of 11 botanicals and aquifer running under the apple orchard. What you end up with is a full-bodied, sharp, yet fruity gin from Britain’s first and only single estate distillery.


portobello road gin

Portobello Road No.171

Originally made upstairs of the Portobello Star drinking establishment production has thankfully now been scaled up without a loss of quality or taste. Meaning it is now easier to get your hands on this gin made from nine botanicals including coriander seeds, liquorice root and nutmeg blended with juniper berries. A nod to the old-school versions of the past, this is definitely worth a try.


warner edwards british gin

Warner Edwards Gin

A real English country affair, the gin is made from spring water, grain spirit and 11 botanicals with nearly all the ingredients resourced from the same farm in Northamptonshire where the distillery is housed. Small batches are distilled to give an aromatic but smooth finish. If you can, get your hands on the Elderflower or Rhubarb alternatives.


rock rose scottish gin

Rock Rose

Another Scottish offering, this handcrafted gin is the headline act from Dunnet Distillery in the most northerly county in Scotland. A mere baby alongside others in our list, don’t let their age give you any pre-conceived assumptions. Born in 2014, the meticulous couple who own the distillery are the only two people to know the recipe. Botanicals used within the distilling process include the more unusual Rhodiola rosea, and Sea Buckthorn.


two birds british gin

Two Birds London Dry Gin

Produced in the lovely British market town of Market Harborough, the gin is created in batches of only 100 bottles. Their 2013 gold award winning London Dry is made with a mix of only 4 botanicals and spring water from under the Charnwood hills in Leicestershire. This powerful option still manages to offer a smoother and more delicate finish to the palette.


square mile london gin

Square Mile

A distillery in the heart of London, Square Mile opened in 2012 and has incorporated a bar so you can tour, taste and learn all in one place. With spicy liquorice notes this will refresh with a citrus finish.



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