Now a lot of people are going to be instantly scared by the title of this post and it’s surprising how a bit of colour can have some men running a mile.

A lot of men’s wardrobes are drab and boring from a colour perspective with a symphony of black suits, alongside grey jumpers and the odd white shirt to break it up. But hopefully with a little persuading we can encourage men to be bolder in their choices and to not put off by a little colour. From London Collections to Milan and New York one colour really stood out this year in the shows for Autumn/Winter and that colour was orange. Yep, that’s right, I said ‘ORANGE’.

With more and more layers being worn to keep the bitter chill of winter at bay, sometimes we can find that the colour is put aside in favour of warmth. But in reality these layers give men the perfect opportunity to inject a bit of colour into their everyday wardrobe. If you are one of the many men that shy away from bright colours then I would suggest not suddenly going full circle and diving into some coloured outerwear.¬†When worn under a black or grey suit, then the sometimes garish bright colour of orange in a shirt or jumper becomes more muted and understated. If you show no fear to colour though then ensure that your key statement piece be it the coloured outerwear is your key statement piece, as there is nothing worse then colour overkill making you look like a mad children’s TV presenter.

So why not use some of the inspiration below to introduce one of this season’s key colours into your wardrobe.



E Tautz

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