Make a Design Statement with Silver Cuff Links


If you’re looking for men’s jewellery that has style and class, consider solid silver or platinum cuff links.


Aside from watches, luxury cuff links are the other pieces of jewellery you are most likely to see a man wear. Whether it’s every day for the office, or just on special occasions, silver cuff links give you the opportunity to communicate who you are and what matters to you. There are plenty of novelty cuff links around, but when it comes to spending a little more money and getting something with style, classic silver cuff links are the ultimate status symbol. A good pair of cuff links should cost more than any designer shirt. They are statement pieces of jewellery to reflect the care you take over your appearance and attention to detail.


Silver cuff links as presents


Cuff links are often a good present for the man in your life, because it’s one piece of jewellery that men can change each day. Silver cuff links are the perfect present because they are simple and can be used for formal or informal occasions, always creating the right impression. Depending on the occasion, cuff links can be a talking point or a simple accessory, and understated chic is where silver cuff links come into their own. When you’re choosing your silver cuff links, think about:


  • Size – do you want your silver cuff links to be large and visible or small and utilitarian? If you just want something simple to keep cuffs neat, look for plain, unassuming silver cuff links that will do the job perfectly, whilst still being great quality jewellery.


  • Personal touch – if you’re buying silver cuff links for a special occasion, think about personalising them. Larger silver cuff links can be engraved with yours or the recipient’s initials, or with anything suitable that you want to choose. This makes your silver cuff links a truly unique gift.


  • Pattern – some people prefer plain silver cuff links, whilst others like a pattern. Fortunately, there’s a real choice when it comes to choosing beautiful silver cuff links and you can look at styles that are lightly or heavily patterned, helping you to find the perfect cuff link set.


  • Stones – silver works beautifully with other precious metals and stones, so you can choose silver cuff links that also incorporate diamonds, mother-of-pearl and lapis, to name a few. Jewellery designers are constantly looking at new ways to make the silver cuff link a real talking point and by choosing carefully, you can find a design that suits you or the person you’re buying for perfectly.


Silver cuff links come in all shapes and sizes and always look great, whether they’re plain, patterned or partnered with other stones and metals. It’s the perfect indulgent gift for yourself and also makes a great present for the special person in your life.