How To Be More Productive At Work

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Whether you are looking to get that promotion or are a self-employed business owner that needs to effectively manage your time. Being more productive at work will allow you to focus your mind, get more tasks completed and help to balance your work life with a more positive outcome. Here we give you some tips on managing your daily tasks to get more things done and free up spare time.


Prioritise Your Tasks

With the onslaught of daily tasks during our jobs we can sometimes be overwhelmed, and unable to see the wood from the trees.


  1. At the beginning of the week when your bran should be at its freshest take a step back and start prioritising your tasks.
  2. Group small tasks together that can be executed accordingly like calling that list of potential clients.
  3. Set time to answer e-mails in the afternoon. It is easy for you to get distracted by incoming e-mails during the morning that have not been initially prioritised.


Keep To A Routine

The human brain is wired to execute patterns and having a daily routine is the perfect example.


  1. Organise your day around a manageable routine.
  2. Allow time for breaks, taking time to walk away from the screen, grab a coffee or have a chat. This will refresh the body and brain so you can attack tasks with a fresh approach.
  3. Don’t multi-task as this will mean not giving each task your full attention jumping from one job to another.



A messy desk will mean not only will you spend more time looking for that important document, but desk chaos will have a negative effect on your ability to be productive.


  1. At the beginning of the week remove all post-its and only have essential work kit on top of your desk
  2. Group all relevant documents together in files so you know exactly where they are if the boss asks


Use A Notebook

This could be a physical or digital notebook, but jotting down notes have been scientifically proven to help you remember.


  1. Writing notes will mean all new tasks that crop up are easily referenced and can then be worked into a new prioritisation task list
  2. A daily brain dump will allow you not to forget all those ideas and thoughts that pop up during the day



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