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What Glasses Suit Me: Square Face

Following on from a previous piece where we talked about shopping for an oblong face, in this post we talk about picking the right glasses to suit a square face. Image from Men with square faces tend to have quite a strong jaw line, so it is key to pick frames that soften this as …

should men wear jewellery

Should Men Wear Jewellery

We are all individuals and should have all cultivated our own personal style that projects who we are to the outside world. A small dash of colour or pattern teases an extrovert personality whilst monochrome might suggest a more reserved nature. But where does a man sit when it comes to jewellery? Is it class …

should men wear a belt or not
Accessories Formal Wear

Should You Wear A Belt With Your Suit

If you ask this question to a slightly older gentleman, in my experience they will always say yes. A belt is a key accessory for them when putting a tailored outfit together. But the question posed is if you really need a belt at all. These days there is less reliance from men on wearing …


When To Wear A Casual Watch Strap

You may be a man who has been bought or been given a watch as a present and never varied from the default leather watch strap. In the box there are some alternative straps, maybe a casual striped nylon version. But you don’t want the fuss of having to keep swapping straps every time you change …

inside a man's quartz watch

What Is A Quartz Watch

For a man looking to build a watch collection, or invest in a key wrist piece to enhance his day-to-day outfits, then it is imperative to know the inner workings of a watch. How do you know if you are buying the right kind of watch for you, or even if the watch catching your …

Accessories Style Advice

How To Get Rid Of The Pocket Bulge

I said ‘pocket’ bulge before any of your vulgar minds start going astray. We listed this as one of our 11 Men’s Style Mistakes To Avoid, but for a busy man with a lot of things to carry how do you go about streamlining your pockets. I’m always rushing around with a multitude of work accessories …

Accessories Style Advice

What Glasses Suit Me: Oblong Face

So often I see men rushing into buy glasses based on the brand or the style without taking the time to understand what suits their face shape. Yes, everyone would like a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers but they aren’t going to fit every man’s face. Take the time to select frames (spectacles or sunglasses) that suit …

men wearing sock garters

Do Men Still Need Sock Garters

When thinking of sock garters the mind conjures up images of old men in wool cardigans or gangsters from Boardwalk Empire. In essence that is exactly how they are perceived by men. On one side they are outdated and are one of the few sartorial attributes not to be handed down from generation to generation. …

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