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man in blue suit wearing cufflinks
Accessories Formal Wear

When To Wear Cufflinks

A sure fire way to add a subtle element of luxury to a gentleman’s outfit is via an ornate cufflink choice. We aren’t talking about cheap, tacky, novelty high street versions but a carefully selected piece of jewellery that is both functional and decorative. Small attention to detail like this is what being a modern …

mens white briefs
Accessories Style Advice

How Often Should Men Replace Underwear

Whether single or in a relationship, there is one sure fire way for men to give women the turn off, and that is bad underwear. Men seem to want their women dressed like a Victoria Secret model whilst they still prance around the bedroom in the same underwear their mum bought them when they lived …

wooden clothing hangers
Accessories Maintenance

Should I Use Wooden Hangers

You open your wardrobe and are faced with the prospect of a rainbow of plastic hangers mixed in with some wired versions you received from the dry cleaners. How do your clothes look? Probably tired and a little dishevelled. Upgrading your wardrobe accessories can not only improve your opinion of the clothes you own but …

justin timberlake wearing a cummerbund
Accessories Formal Wear

What Is A Cummerbund

Normally associated with 80’s weddings or bad prom outfits, and not to be mistaken with British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. The cummerbund (not “cumberband”), is a men’s accessory not looked on favourably in the style stakes. When is it worn? The cummerbund is a black tie dress code mainstay, and harks back to the original rules …

street style picture of mens tie from pitti
Accessories Style Advice

What Width Should My Tie Be

Over the last decade there has been a trend for men wearing skinny ties. I blame indie bands with their outfits combining lycra tight jeans worn with a diaphragm suffocating shirt and blazer. They complement this overly fitted look with skinny ties. As a result it has unfortunately spilled over into mainstream fashion and men …

fountain pen on writing paper

When To Use A Fountain Pen

During our all-consuming digital lives, there is something to be said for switching off. Closing down the laptop, turning the phone off and going back to basics. Not only will your sanity benefit from it, but heaven forbid you might actually enjoy it. A great way to embrace this change is to take up using a …

tiffany and co chronograph mens watch

What Is A Chronograph Watch

A popular type of watch, men can often seek out this style but have little knowledge on how to use it. Maybe it is the dial face associated with this timepiece that draws men in, but the chronograph watch was actually originally designed with a purpose. The chronograph watch is a timepiece that combines your …

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