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men at pitti uomo with sprezzatura

What Does Sprezzatura Mean

A word thrown around the men’s fashion world, what exactly does sprezzatura mean? I first saw this word being used when describing the men attending the Pitti Uomo trade show in Florence. With the increase in street style photography the ‘peacocks’ were out in force. The fashion writers needed innovative ways to describe this effortless …

white wine being poured into a glass
Drink Etiquette

Picking The Right Wine On A Date

So the date is going well, you have been chivalrous and cordial, opening doors and complimenting on how lovely she looks. But now you sit opposite her with a wine list trembling in your hand. Fear not, here at A Gentleman’s Row, we are here to help. Our beginners guide to picking the right wine will help …

cartoon of a party

How To Small Talk

 Small talk is a weapon every gentleman should have in his arsenal. Whether in a personal or business environment, mastering small talk can avoid awkward silences, help you build contacts, ease shyness and social anxiety. Hell, it may even be the key to finding common ground when you first meet your future spouse. Read our …

gentleman helping woman put on coat

How To Impress On A Date

This Valentine’s Day you have managed to wrangle a date with the lady you have been fawning over for months. Or maybe you want to rekindle the romance in your current relationship. Either way there are some fool proof moves a gentleman can act out to ensure that his date is impressed.   Open The …

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