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Footwear Style Advice

What To Look For When Buying New Shoes

For some men, shoes (I don’t mean trainers) are an obsession. Understanding the craftsmanship of well-made shoes, and the time that can go into building bespoke styles for example can easily see a man investing in a growing collection. Bespoke clothing and accessories become an investment to the discerning man, an extravagance that sets his outfit apart …

mens loafers worn with socks
Footwear Style Advice

Can You Wear Socks With Loafers

Some men will look at the summer as a time to remove the accessory shackles and discard the tie and socks in favour of a more liberated formality. During warmer months you want to get as much air to your feet as possible. This will not only help you feel cooler but also help to alleviate …

products to protect suede shoes
Footwear Maintenance

How To Protect Suede Shoes

There is nothing worse than investing in a nice pair of suede desert boots or tasselled loafers, only to spill water on them. Take it from someone who had done this in the past those unsightly water marks are not coming out easily. What every man should do when they purchase a pair of suede …

cordovan leather dress shoes
Footwear Style Advice

What Is A Cordovan Shoe

Cordovan leather is sometimes referred to as cordovan shell due to the “shell” membrane of the horse used to construct them. The horses used are not the equestrian thoroughbreds you see on tv, but more like those that are one step away from the glue factory. These shoes are famed for their shine and durability …

toe taps on the soles of shoes
Footwear Maintenance

What Are Toe Taps

Toe taps are a means of extending the life of your formal shoes, especially for those men that walk a lot in theirs. Made from metal, toe taps are indented to the sole and lay flush. Before you think we have gone all Fred Astaire on you, these won’t make a noise when you walk …

close up of a wooden shoe tree
Footwear Maintenance

Why Men Should Use a Shoe Tree

Probably one of the most overlooked accompaniments to a man’s wardrobe I believe it is imperative for men to invest in a shoe tree. Let me paint the scene; you have splashed the cash on a brand new pair of shoes and within in a couple of months they are looking tatty and worn out. …

man having his shoes shined
Footwear Maintenance

How To Shine Your Shoes

Have you ever worn a pair of tired old shoes on a date or for an important meeting? No matter how comfortable a particular set of footwear is, if they’re past their best, they’ll impress nobody. Every man should have at least one pair of quality shoes in his wardrobe – but maintaining them is …

close up of brown leather wingtip shoes

What is a Wingtip Shoe?

Wingtip is one of those words often referred to in conversations normally by shop staff to bemused looking men. A typical conversation you might overhear could be: “So sir, this is the wingtip brogue laced option in a tan calf leather upper” “Yeah it looks alright, I’ll take ’em”   Men focus on the look of …

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