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should men wear a belt or not
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Should You Wear A Belt With Your Suit

If you ask this question to a slightly older gentleman, in my experience they will always say yes. A belt is a key accessory for them when putting a tailored outfit together. But the question posed is if you really need a belt at all. These days there is less reliance from men on wearing …

Formal Wear Style Advice

A Guide To Suit Lapel Styles

As we say a lot on A Gentleman’s Row, attention to detail is key for men wanting to look their best. People will pick up on a mistake far quicker than paying a compliment. So don’t give them a reason. Learning about the finer elements of men’s fashion and in particular suiting, will ensure you …

summer wedding suits for men
Formal Wear Style Advice

Where To Shop For A Summer Wedding

We are fast approaching wedding season and as such, now is the time for men to start thinking about what suit they are going to wear. Your daily office suit will not suffice. Take this opportunity to try out different fabrics and styles that still conform to what you like but have a slight twist …

how to wear a navy blue suit
Formal Wear Style Advice

Five Ways To Wear A Navy Blue Suit

The navy blue suit is probably the most versatile suit a man could own. Able to be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion its adaptability is only beaten by its exquisite handling of complex colours and patterns. Throw a suspect pattern or colour at navy blue, and if styled correctly it will more …

how to wear white tuxedo with black bowtie
Formal Wear Style Advice

What To Wear With A White Tuxedo Jacket

A staple of James Bond’s wardrobe, the white tuxedo is a headline garment for James when attending a formal event. But it shouldn’t be down to just British secret agents to wear this piece. For men like you and I, a white tuxedo jacket can become a standout piece in our wardrobes. In either a …

man in blue suit wearing cufflinks
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When To Wear Cufflinks

A sure fire way to add a subtle element of luxury to a gentleman’s outfit is via an ornate cufflink choice. We aren’t talking about cheap, tacky, novelty high street versions but a carefully selected piece of jewellery that is both functional and decorative. Small attention to detail like this is what being a modern …

a guide to mens shirt collars
Formal Wear Style Advice

A Guide To Men’s Shirt Collars

Men’s shirt collars can be somewhat of a fashion minefield. You often see examples of men wearing the wrong collar with a misguided accessory or jacket. Learning the different styles available means you are in a better position to pick the right shirt to go with your outfit or occasion. There are now so many …

the savile row road sign
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What Is Savile Row

One of the most famous streets in London, Savile Row has long been lauded as the highest standard in men’s bespoke tailoring. Tailors first started moving into the area near Regent Street in the late 18th century, with the likes of Henry Poole one of the first to arrive. Having dressed royalty, Hollywood stars and …

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