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man with hair shampoo
Grooming Advice

How To Wash Your Hair Correctly

The principle of shampooing men’s hair is easy, right? You jump in the shower, grab your generic shampoo and lather it in for a bit. Rinse it off, then off you go. The process for most men is it needs to be quick and efficient. But what exactly is the need for shampooing? Well, not …

combat oily skin mens
Grooming Advice Skincare

How To Control Oily Men’s Skin

Unlike women who can enhance, define or conceal their skin, hiding away any imperfections that may have recently popped up. Men are often left to struggle on into the pits of oily, dry or combination skin without a helping hand in sight. As a result, men aimlessly buy and test a range of products and brands …

david beckham haircut
Grooming Advice Hairstyles

How To Get David Beckham’s Haircut

For a man who used to change his haircut more than he changed his pants, Mr Beckham has held onto this style (or variations of) for quite some time. As a man who is admired and envied in equal measures, it isn’t difficult to see how this popular ‘pompadour’, ‘faux mowhawk’ hairstyle has become so …

replace shaving blades
Grooming Advice Shaving

How Often Should I Replace My Shaving Blades

Whether you use a double-edged blade or a 6-blade monster of a shaver, there comes a time when you need to replace the blades. But when is that, and how do you know it’s time? Well surprisingly a few years back Gilette released an advert telling their consumers how long their blades last. Five weeks …

mens french crop haircut
Grooming Advice Hairstyles

What Is A French Crop

No it isn’t a piece of Provencal agriculture, the French crop is in fact an ideal men’s hairstyle for the warmer months. Similar to a Caesar cut, it is a slight variation on a classic men’s style that is easily manageable and will look smart on the majority of men. What Is It? In essence …

tame a mens cowlick
Grooming Advice Hairstyles

How To Tame A Cowlick

Not unlike our skin, men’s hair can throw up a multitude of small annoyances that can hinder you looking your best every day. One of those that I find personally bothersome is the cowlick. It has been a part of my hairline for as long as I remember. As a child you aren’t troubled by …

shaving when you have sensitive skin
Grooming Advice Shaving

Tips For Shaving With Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive then you must be careful not to offend it. The most insulting swipe is one with a reckless razor and an ill-prepared barber. Buy a face wash or facial scrub with natural ingredients and apply it to your facial hair to soften. Hydrate the skin with lukewarm water for at least 2 minutes. The …

david gandy sunbathing
Grooming Advice Tanning

Tips For Men On Keeping Their Tan For Longer

So after you return from a fantastic sunny break, the last thing you want is for your tan to start fading quicker than you can say “two weeks in Morocco”. A tan can give a glowing complexion to men, and most would say they prefer themselves with a little colour. It also has tendency to …

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