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man getting a wet shave
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What Is A Wet Shave

Here’s a common question we overhear: ‘Where can I get a traditional wet shave in London? It’s true. The art of shaving and more so traditional wet shaving has been conceded to the rapid nature of the 21 st century. Although, all is not lost because there are some fine establishments like our own Jack The Clipper which …

why should men use hand cream
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Do Men’s Hand Creams Actually Work

We as men are just as prone to losing moisture from our skin due to aging as women are. Having worked in an office in the past, I would always see women applying hand cream but never the men. When I would apply some men’s creams myself, there would be a look of confusion and …

the importance of good shaving cream
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Is A Quality Shave Cream Necessary

There is no denying the convenience of using a shaving cream out of a can. We as men, have all probably grown up with seeing the cream on our father’s bathroom shelf. It was this same can (we weren’t going to buy our own) that we reached for when starting to shave as a teenager. …

man applying night cream
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Should Men Use Night Cream

The men’s grooming market has exploded over the past decade. Men can now easily come close to the breadth of products available when compared to their female counterparts. I would say the uptake by men though is still a little slow. Some will embrace all creams and lotions and be stupidly labelled ‘metrosexual’. Whilst others will only …

how to apply mens cologne
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How To Apply Your Cologne

This might sound overly simple for some men. But how and where you apply your cologne can help the scent last longer during the day. Smelling like you bathe in your cologne is not a gentlemanly trait and should be avoided. Being a gentleman is about subtlety in how you behave and how you present …

man smiling showing teeth
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How To Stop Bad Breath

A gentleman with bad breath is inexcusable. Taking the time in your morning and evening routine to focus on dental hygiene will have everyone around you thankful. Follow some easy steps pre, during and post cleaning to ensure that your breath is the freshest it can be throughout the day. Here is how to stop …

selection of molton brown products
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Should Men Exfoliate Their Bodies

We know that exfoliating your face before shaving is key to men opening up those pores and getting a closer shave, thus reducing stubble rash/irritation. But what about exfoliating your body, should this be a part of your routine during the morning shower? Like with your face, regular exfoliating can help your skin to look fresher …

man applying aftershave in mirror
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Aftershave or Cologne, What’s The Difference?

We previously brought you four of our classic aftershaves for men here. But what is the difference between aftershave and colognes and when do you use a cologne as oppose to an aftershave? What is Aftershave? Not only coming in liquid form, aftershaves are also widely sold as balms and lotions. Shaving can sometimes be a …

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