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david beckham haircut
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How To Get David Beckham’s Haircut

For a man who used to change his haircut more than he changed his pants, Mr Beckham has held onto this style (or variations of) for quite some time. As a man who is admired and envied in equal measures, it isn’t difficult to see how this popular ‘pompadour’, ‘faux mowhawk’ hairstyle has become so …

mens french crop haircut
Grooming Advice Hairstyles

What Is A French Crop

No it isn’t a piece of Provencal agriculture, the French crop is in fact an ideal men’s hairstyle for the warmer months. Similar to a Caesar cut, it is a slight variation on a classic men’s style that is easily manageable and will look smart on the majority of men. What Is It? In essence …

tame a mens cowlick
Grooming Advice Hairstyles

How To Tame A Cowlick

Not unlike our skin, men’s hair can throw up a multitude of small annoyances that can hinder you looking your best every day. One of those that I find personally bothersome is the cowlick. It has been a part of my hairline for as long as I remember. As a child you aren’t troubled by …

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