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products to protect suede shoes
Footwear Maintenance

How To Protect Suede Shoes

There is nothing worse than investing in a nice pair of suede desert boots or tasselled loafers, only to spill water on them. Take it from someone who had done this in the past those unsightly water marks are not coming out easily. What every man should do when they purchase a pair of suede …

Maintenance Style Advice

How To Simplify Your Wardrobe

Opening a man’s wardrobe and seeing an abundance of clothing some might say is a good thing. But what if this crowd of clothing is hindering your chance to optimise your outfits on a daily basis. So often men when offered a wide choice, lack the eye to see the quality in their options. They …

lint rollers

What Is A Lint Roller

You may have read in some of our previous posts about how introducing a lint roller can help keep on top of your daily clothing maintenance. Regularly using one can ensure that men look presentable, having removed any fluff or foreign bodies from their clothing. A simple device in its premise. Buying a lint roller …

wooden clothing hangers
Accessories Maintenance

Should I Use Wooden Hangers

You open your wardrobe and are faced with the prospect of a rainbow of plastic hangers mixed in with some wired versions you received from the dry cleaners. How do your clothes look? Probably tired and a little dishevelled. Upgrading your wardrobe accessories can not only improve your opinion of the clothes you own but …

toe taps on the soles of shoes
Footwear Maintenance

What Are Toe Taps

Toe taps are a means of extending the life of your formal shoes, especially for those men that walk a lot in theirs. Made from metal, toe taps are indented to the sole and lay flush. Before you think we have gone all Fred Astaire on you, these won’t make a noise when you walk …

man in starched collar
Maintenance Style Advice

Should You Starch Your Dress Shirts

Putting starch on your dress shirts might stir up images of 1930’s formality with unforgiving collars, but it is still common practice among men. Clothing starch comes in liquid form, made by mixing water with a vegetable starch. The practicalities aside from stiffening collars and sleeves are that dirt from a wearers neck can get caught in …


How Do I Care For My Knitwear

With the availability of well-priced knitwear on the high street it has become very easy for men to introduce another layer of texture or a splash of colour by shopping affordable knits from the likes of Uniqlo. The problem with lower priced knitwear is that it gets intertwined with the consumerist throwaway fashion world we …

rail of suits at dry cleaners

How Often To Clean My Suit

Some men are blessed with the luxury of having a wardrobe full of suits meaning they can alternate their suits on an almost daily basis. The common gentleman doesn’t typically have this and rotates a couple of suits, sometimes even just one if you are further down the office career path. So, how often should …

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