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replace shaving blades
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How Often Should I Replace My Shaving Blades

Whether you use a double-edged blade or a 6-blade monster of a shaver, there comes a time when you need to replace the blades. But when is that, and how do you know it’s time? Well surprisingly a few years back Gilette released an advert telling their consumers how long their blades last. Five weeks …

shaving when you have sensitive skin
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Tips For Shaving With Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive then you must be careful not to offend it. The most insulting swipe is one with a reckless razor and an ill-prepared barber. Buy a face wash or facial scrub with natural ingredients and apply it to your facial hair to soften. Hydrate the skin with lukewarm water for at least 2 minutes. The …

man getting a wet shave
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What Is A Wet Shave

Here’s a common question we overhear: ‘Where can I get a traditional wet shave in London? It’s true. The art of shaving and more so traditional wet shaving has been conceded to the rapid nature of the 21 st century. Although, all is not lost because there are some fine establishments like our own Jack The Clipper which …

the importance of good shaving cream
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Is A Quality Shave Cream Necessary

There is no denying the convenience of using a shaving cream out of a can. We as men, have all probably grown up with seeing the cream on our father’s bathroom shelf. It was this same can (we weren’t going to buy our own) that we reached for when starting to shave as a teenager. …

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