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Can I Wear A Denim Shirt With My Suit

In years gone by, a denim shirt was a sign of unrivaled masculinity. A suggestion that you spent your spare time tinkering with cars or motorbikes. It was definitely not a formal offering. Men would choose it for its robust material, something that could withstand the wear and tear. Even the reason it was created …

chambray denim fabric
Style Advice

The Difference Between Chambray and Denim

This little nugget of information for men will solve any argument between what is a denim fabric and what is chambray. To the common man in fact these might both be the same thing, pigeon holed simply as denim. But understanding the difference will ensure you get the right item for the right occasion. Although similar …

selfridges mens shoe department
Footwear Style Advice

What To Look For When Buying New Shoes

For some men, shoes (I don’t mean trainers) are an obsession. Understanding the craftsmanship of well-made shoes, and the time that can go into building bespoke styles for example can easily see a man investing in a growing collection. Bespoke clothing and accessories become an investment to the discerning man, an extravagance that sets his outfit apart …

Style Advice

How To Wear Jeans With Your Blazer

The epitome of smart casual, the blazer and jeans is a fail-safe option for many modern gentleman’s needs. Whether it be a casual Friday work attire or drinks with friends, this combination will make sure men are neither too under dressed or overdressed for the occasion. For the benefit of this article we are going …

skinny dressing for men
Style Advice

How To Dress For A Slim And Skinny Figure

Understanding your body shape will help men to buy the right clothes. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will make your money go further whilst ensuring you look the best you can every day. It is rare for men to be able to look their best in every style and pattern available. So knowing what …

what are the buttons on jean pockets
Style Advice

Why Do Jeans Have Buttons On The Pockets

Have you ever stopped to wonder about those small little copper buttons carefully placed on your favourite pair of jeans? Probably not… But now you are aware of them, you might like to know why they are there in the first place. Well, there is a practical reason for their existence, and we have the …

different men's shirt fabrics
Style Advice

A Guide To Men’s Shirt Fabrics

Men are confronted with a wealth of different shirt fabrics, and knowing more detail about them will ensure that you are able to make the right outfit decision. The right fabric can keep you cooler in the heat or make you look more presentable at work. The fabric of a shirt can determine the quality, …

mens suits in summer
Style Advice

How To Keep Cool Whilst Dressing Sharp

The oncoming summer brings with it many sartorial challenges. Whether it be in work or outside of work, men need to keep cool and that shouldn’t mean you resort to losing what makes you stylish. Knowing how to dress in both cold and warm climates will ensure that you have a well prepared wardrobe ready …

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