How Do I Care For My Knitwear

With the availability of well-priced knitwear on the high street it has become very easy for men to introduce another layer of texture or a splash of colour by shopping affordable knits from the likes of Uniqlo.

The problem with lower priced knitwear is that it gets intertwined with the consumerist throwaway fashion world we live in. Men don’t care for their products because they have become disposable. Looking after you knitwear will not only save you the effort of replacing but also help them look more presentable for longer.

Here is a guide for men on how to care for their knitwear.

Fold It

Never hang your knitwear on wooden or metal hangers. The process of hanging will stretch the fabrics leading to misshaping.


Depending on the scale of your collection don’t be sucked into the routine of over-wearing your favourite pieces. If possible stick to a limit of maybe one wear per week for each garment.

Avoid Moths

Use cedarwood balls which are commonly available to avoid the impending army of moths that have their eyes on your new cashmere v-neck.

Shave It

More than likely everyone reading this article has had a piece of men’s knitwear that has started bobbling. It is an inevitable trend that can be combated by using an electrical bobble remover (yes such a thing exists), to give a bobble free shave. With cashmere, look specifically for a cashmere comb.

Brush Down

A soft clothes brush will help to remove any excess foreign bodies like hair or fluff that have become acquainted with your knitwear.

Be Careful When Washing

Always, always, always read the care label. Use settings like 30 degrees or handwash (if you don’t want to do it yourself). These will gently wash the product rather than the somewhat abrasive 40 degrees spin.

Dry Flat

Again some men do the point before then throw their knitwear on the nearest clothes horse to dry. This will stretch and distort the fabrics so dry flat to maintain the shape.



Sam Brady is a menswear expert, having worked in or around the field for the past 14 years. He has built up a keen eye for detail when it comes to the production of clothing, and is happy showcasing the craftsmanship of Savile Row and Jermyn St. But he understands the need for an interchangeable modern man’s wardrobe that mixes high street and luxury clothing.

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