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How Often Should I Replace My Shaving Blades

replace shaving blades

Whether you use a double-edged blade or a 6-blade monster of a shaver, there comes a time when you need to replace the blades. But when is that, and how do you know it’s time?

Well surprisingly a few years back Gilette released an advert telling their consumers how long their blades last. Five weeks apparently. Whether this is a tactic to increase sales of replacement blades rather than an admission of a lacklustre product, that is up to you to decide. The general consensus among shaving forums is that this is the correct length of time. You can read more in this article from to form an opinion.

So multi-blade shavers aside, how long does a single or double-edged razor blade last?

There are a few things to bear in mind before deciding.

Facial Hair

Thick, coarse facial hair is going to have a greater affect on a blade than fine hair. Dark haired men tend to have thicker beards than fair haired so would need their blades changing more often.


Some men work in environments where it is necessary to be clean shaven at all times. Others are allowed the freedom of stubble or even a beard. The latter can therefore go for longer between shaves. It is worth noting though that their hair will be longer once they come to shave, so the blade will need to work harder.

Blade Coatings

There is a myriad of blades available to men, and choosing one with a coating is only going to be beneficial. Not only will it produce less drag during shaving, but it will also ensure your blades don’t blunt as quickly.

The Answer

There are some other small variables that could affect the sharpness of blade such as mineral content of the water. But for the sake of your sanity we will only keep the above three in our thoughts. That being said we will take as a guide, medium coarseness of facial hair being shaved 3-4 days a week.

Single Blade – We would advise changing this every 3 days.

Double-Edged Blade – Once a week should suffice

Be aware that the cost of single and double-edged blades is so low when compared to big brand cartridges that there is an argument to say that men could change their blades after every shave. Using the method would still save you money against the larger brands.

For a guide on shaving with a double-edged razor, read this article.


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