Do Men Still Need Sock Garters

men wearing sock garters

When thinking of sock garters the mind conjures up images of old men in wool cardigans or gangsters from Boardwalk Empire. In essence that is exactly how they are perceived by men. On one side they are outdated and are one of the few sartorial attributes not to be handed down from generation to generation. The other side of the coin and they are as badass as Nucky Thompson himself. But is there even a functional need for sock garters anymore?

I don’t think there can be a man reading this who hasn’t had to deal with the annoyance of socks slipping down. It may have been when you are in a client meeting or worst still on a date. Having to keep reaching down to fiddle with your socks is as ungentlemanly as it is irritating.

There are reasons as to why your socks might keep falling down which can be combated without the need for a sock garter.

Wrong Type of Socks

Yes, there are different types of men’s socks for different occasions. A dress sock will be thinner and typically cover the full length of the calf. Ending above the calf will also mean the socks aren’t sitting on the downward trajectory of your calf.

Badly Made or Cheap Socks

This comes down to attention to detail. Why would you opt for cheap underwear and accessories when you have invested in the rest of your wardrobe. Cheap, poorly made socks with have elastic that quickly becomes stretched and useless.

Investing in good socks will not only save you the trouble of having to replace a month down the line but also reduce the risk of socks falling down.

Final Word

These two options will normally remove the problem of your socks falling down. But if you are still experiencing it then by all means invest in a sock garter or dress shirt stay.

Some of you may just like the look of the sock garter and aren’t worried about if it needs to do a job or not. In this case by all means wear them but probably avoid it if you are looking to get lucky. I can’t imagine any woman has been turned on by the sight of a man in sock garters.



Sam Brady is a menswear expert, having worked in or around the field for the past 14 years. He has built up a keen eye for detail when it comes to the production of clothing, and is happy showcasing the craftsmanship of Savile Row and Jermyn St. But he understands the need for an interchangeable modern man’s wardrobe that mixes high street and luxury clothing.

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1 Comment

    M.L. Stark

    With due respect to Mr. Brady, it is my experienced and learned opinion his negative bias for sock garters is Male Bovine Excrement!

    A gentleman cannot be considered properly dressed unless/until he has donned sock garters to ensure a proper fit. As a 67 year old gentleman, I’ve worn sock garters my entire adult life. Why? Because I try virtually every type of socks that come along, and NONE are capable of maintaining a wrinkle-free appearance while a gentleman is seated – crossed legs or not.

    GQ also is anti-sock garter, and I attribute that to their penchant for fashion v. style. Fashion comes and goes; style is forever. A true gentleman holds dear the accessories that make him fully, stylishly, and completely dressed. This includes NEVER, EVER donning a belt on the trousers of a suit. Braces are THE accessory for wearing suit pants. Sock garters are THE accessory for keeping socks wrinkle-free. Bow ties are NEVER pre-tied, and applied with clips or straps. If one cannot tie a bow tie, one should simply wear a sweatshirt.

    It is quite sad the way males of the current vintage dress. Open-neck dress shirts with a sloppily-tied necktie not drawn fully to the collar – a great example of males who take no pride in their appearance. They are classless, and best limited to t-shirts and jeans.

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