Should Men Wear Jewellery

should men wear jewellery

We are all individuals and should have all cultivated our own personal style that projects who we are to the outside world. A small dash of colour or pattern teases an extrovert personality whilst monochrome might suggest a more reserved nature. But where does a man sit when it comes to jewellery? Is it class or crass?

There are certain types of men who wear a lot of jewellery without it looking overly crass. Maybe it is a sports star who favours diamonds or possibly an actor that wears a multitude of necklaces, bracelets or rings that give the impression that without them, they just wouldn’t be them. But these are exceptions to the rules, and not guidelines for men to follow.

Wearing diamonds are normally an expression of wealth and when you have an army of bodyguards or are ferried from place to place, I’m sure it seems normal. For me, wearing a diamond necklace on the number 23 bus might get me the wrong kind of attention. If I was also to go boho-chic with 6 rings, 3 bracelets and a couple of necklaces, I’m going to end up looking more like a pirate.

My suggestion to men is to always refine it. Going over-the-top is going to come across as tacky. A vintage Rolex, with a leather strap is going to show you like the finer things in life, understand craftsmanship and without a diamond in sight. A Savile Row suit might look like any other suit to the untrained eye, but to you, you know it fits fantastically well and you look amazing. That is what is important. Giving yourself confidence from knowing that your outfit looks great is key. Not spending a fortune on a tacky diamond encrusted watch to impress people you don’t even know.

So should men wear jewellery? Yes of course, but less is more. Keep it to maybe three pieces; cufflinks (if needed with your shirt), a watch (minimalist), and a wedding band (obviously only if you are married). If you have a nice bracelet then within a casual ensemble this can work, otherwise leave it at home. So that means no necklaces (on show), and definitely no earrings. Some of us made that mistake when we were younger of getting our ears pierced, but as you hit mid-twenties best take them out.

What do you think? Are there any good examples of men wearing lots of jewellery?



Sam Brady is a menswear expert, having worked in or around the field for the past 14 years. He has built up a keen eye for detail when it comes to the production of clothing, and is happy showcasing the craftsmanship of Savile Row and Jermyn St. But he understands the need for an interchangeable modern man’s wardrobe that mixes high street and luxury clothing.

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