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How To Stop Bad Breath

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A gentleman with bad breath is inexcusable. Taking the time in your morning and evening routine to focus on dental hygiene will have everyone around you thankful. Follow some easy steps pre, during and post cleaning to ensure that your breath is the freshest it can be throughout the day. Here is how to stop bad breath.

1. Floss

It won’t only help to prevent gum disease, but flossing to remove any trapped food will lessen any build up of plaque. Plaque equals bad breath and flossing in the evenings will meet it head on.

2. The Two Minute Brush

A gentleman never rushes in life, and brushing your teeth is no different. So many men get their days of to the wrong start by sleeping in and skipping important steps in the morning routine. Give yourself ample time in the morning, brushing your teeth for a full two minutes to deliver a perfect clean.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

The health benefits of giving your body water is astronomical. It helps to cleanse your skin removing any impurities, making your skin glow. But did you know that rinsing your mouth in the morning will aid getting rid of the scary morning breath. In addition, drinking water during the day means your mouth will not dry out. A dry mouth is a key nucleus for bad breath.

4. Sugar Free Gum or Mints

Like drinking water, popping in some gum or mints after meals will speed up the production of saliva and stop men getting a dry mouth. For those men with a particular case of bad breath it will help mask the odour between brushes.

5. Alcohol Free Mouthwash

Alcohol both in the drinking and the mouthwash sense does not do your breath any favours. Look for antiseptic mouthwashes that can kill the bad bacteria. Key ingredients to seek out are chlorine dioxide, zinc chloride and triclosan.

These steps along with regular checkups with your dentist will combat bad breath and make sure you don’t fall foul to that massive faux pas. Don’t forget that excessive drinking and being a smoker are probably the two biggest preventives that you can cut out to drastically reduce gum disease and bad breath.



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