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What Are Toe Taps

toe taps on the soles of shoes

Toe taps are a means of extending the life of your formal shoes, especially for those men that walk a lot in theirs. Made from metal, toe taps are indented to the sole and lay flush. Before you think we have gone all Fred Astaire on you, these won’t make a noise when you walk let alone when you dance.

As you imagine one of the key areas of a man’s shoes that deteriorate first, are the front and back areas of the soles. The toe tap will take the brunt of the wearing to the front and protect the rest of the sole (up to the start of the heel). Every man will have a different way of walking (e.g maybe a slight instep), and the preventative toe tap can help avoid the pain sometimes associated with the deterioration of formal shoes as your toes become in closer contact to the floor.

We would always recommend visiting a cobblers to have them fitted as they can prevent the more expensive full resoling that can be needed sooner rather than later if not applies. Also the plastic versions you can buy and put on yourself should be avoided at all costs. They won’t sit flush on the sole and will result in your shoes slipping out from under you as you do your best Bambi on ice impression.

Sam Brady is a menswear expert, having worked in or around the field for the past 14 years. He has built up a keen eye for detail when it comes to the production of clothing, and is happy showcasing the craftsmanship of Savile Row and Jermyn St. But he understands the need for an interchangeable modern man’s wardrobe that mixes high street and luxury clothing.

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