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What Is A Wet Shave

man getting a wet shave

Here’s a common question we overhear: ‘Where can I get a traditional wet shave in London? It’s true. The art of shaving and more so traditional wet shaving has been conceded to the rapid nature of the 21 st century. Although, all is not lost because there are some fine establishments like our own Jack The Clipper which puts quality, tradition and time at the top of the priority list.

As the name suggests, a wet shave is one where your razor is accompanied by water. A traditional version of this incorporates a shaving cream or foam for a cleaner, more reinvigorating cut. The foam, soap or cream is lathered upon onto the face with the furry comforting sensation of a soft shaving brush. This brush is usually made from badger hair if of the utmost quality. Then, with a sharp single-bladed razor at you can begin the artistic process of shaving.

If you haven’t delivered a wet shave to yourself before, it can take time to master the craft. Also, be aware that this is a method of grooming which requires patience and an appreciation for time. Consider a traditional wet shave an opera with an orchestra in regiment as opposed to a cheap pop song. One of the greatest pleasures that one can derive from a traditional wet shave is to be a relaxed recipient with the luxury and care of a master barber conducting all of the work.

Another tremendous benefit of the traditional wet shave is the elimination of skin irritation. Cheap, mass-market brands of shaving cream and disposable razors are the greatest causes of agitation to your face. Replace the pain and hassle of shearing your face with a more premium, pleasurable and therapeutic experience. Jack’s master barbers are at hand to save you the trouble of shaving the stubble yourself; with 4 generations of barbering squeezed into our 4 stores – there is no cavity of quality.



Jack the Clipper established in 1996 is the biggest Turkish family of Master barbers. They use ancient techniques with the latest trends to help Londoners look sharp and feel special. Find Jack the Clipper at Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Mayfair and Canary Wharf.

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