When To Use A Fountain Pen

fountain pen on writing paper

During our all-consuming digital lives, there is something to be said for switching off. Closing down the laptop, turning the phone off and going back to basics. Not only will your sanity benefit from it, but heaven forbid you might actually enjoy it.

A great way to embrace this change is to take up using a fountain pen. The pen will give men a smoother writing experience whilst conjuring up thoughts of world leaders signing declarations of peace or icons of sports signing multi-million playing contracts.

Purchasing a fountain pen is an investment piece that will take pride in your office arsenal. Rather than buying and disposing ballpoint pens, the fountain will last the test of time with gentleman just having to refill the reservoir each time it has run out. This makes them more economical, because I don’t believe any man reading this article can say they have never misplaced a ballpoint pen. Go the extra mile, really seek out a beautiful option and make it a family heirloom.

But when should a man use their fountain pen?

Once you start using, the alliance with improving your handwriting will naturally follow. An elegant cursive is a statement of a gentleman, and using a fountain pen reduces fatigue whilst making your handwriting look better.

We advise men to take up the use of the pen. Start with hobbying at home to improve your handwriting, moving on to signing documents with it. Once you feel comfortable with your cursive, then begin carrying it in your breast pocket and taking every opportunity to take notes using your pen. Take note (metaphorically) of the impressive looks from men and women alike as you offer your stunning fountain pen for them to use. It will look better than any digital comparative.

Enjoy this new experience with our picks below:

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