To go sockless or not?

men wearing no socks, a gentlemans row

Here in Britain the weather has slowly crept up over the last week or two, and it definitely looks like sping has arrived and summer is on the horizon. The standard milk bottle white legs and vests have already offended my eyes over recent days, and just backs up my thoughts that men in Britain don’t have a clue how to dress in the warmer months.


No more sidestepping puddles

hunter rearHow annoying is it when you get a new pair of crisp white trainers, carefully opening the box and getting slapped in the face with that new trainer smell. You hold of wearing them from fear of getting them dirty, but after the initial trepidation subsides you bite the bullet, threading the laces (a precise technique for men) and carefully putting them on your shaking feet. Pacing the streets you hurdle every puddle and piece of muck you see to avoid getting your new trainers dirty, threatening everyone no matter their age or disability who has the audacity to step that close to them.


Help a Hipster Campaign

London hipsterThis is an urgent appeal to help this much maligned member of our society. Forced out of their communal homes by inflated rent rates and new kitchen spot lights reeking havoc with their grey skin and persistent red eye. They walk the vomit stained streets, their possessions spilling out of their Fred Perry holdall like modern day versions of biblical hi-top wearing Jews, consistently persecuted in their search for a home. Moving from Hertfordshire to Dalston via Old Street and Shoreditch, ever in the search for the holy grail, an independent bicycle shop annexed by an urban coffee shop. 


Menswear Essentials Part 2: Navy Blue Suit

men walking wearing navy blue suit, a gentlemans row

When it comes to value for money I don’t think you can get better than investing in a navy blue suit. Treated as two separate pieces of clothing, or worn together as either a smart or casual offering there are numerous looks for men to try. Thus cementing its place as an essential piece of kit in any man’s wardrobe.

In this article I’m going to breakdown the merits of different menswear outfits that all have the navy blue suit as their foundation.


Getting It Right When It Comes To Men’s Wallets

picture of mens wallet next a map, a gentlemans row fashion blogSo you have got yourself a hot date, you have picked the right restaurant and your outfit is looking great. The meal has gone well, no food down your shirt and she is even laughing at your shit jokes. Signalling to the waiter that you want the bill you have an air of confidence and authority. She was never going to be paying but your self assurance has cemented this.

You reach inside your breast pocket and pull out your wallet….her face drops! Tatty receipts protrude from your dog eared excuse for a a gentleman’s accessory. You fumble to pull your credit card out, which seems to have become super glued. As your face becomes flushed and your decorum evaporates so does any chance of using that 5 year old condom that has just falling on the restaurant floor.

Never fear, help is at hand


Tom Ford Announces New Film

colin firth in a single man, a gentlemans row

Fashionable film going men rejoice! After the success of his debut film ‘A Single Man’ starring Colin Firth, Tom Ford has announced he will be releasing his second film. Adapted from a novel written by Ford himself, the thriller is in early stages of casting but is due to start filming this September.

In honour of this announcement we will have a look back at the 2009 cinematic release of ‘A Single Man’ and highlight key menswear pieces from the film.


Three Ways To Wear A Men’s Silk Scarf


man wearing scarf, blazer and sunglasses, a gentlemans row

A key accessory that I will soon be adding to my wardrobe is a silk scarf. Frustratingly I recently saw an older gentleman on the tv wearing a silk scarf tucked under his jumper but can’t for the life of me remember who it was. But it made me a bit obsessive in hunting out a scarf to purchase.

In this article I am going to show how men can use the scarf in a couple of different ways to add a new dimension to both your smart and casual outfits.


A Brief Guide to Men’s Shirt Collars

example of different mens collars, picture from mr porter

Men’s collars can be somewhat of a fashion minefield. You often see examples of men wearing the wrong collar with a misguided accessory or jacket. Learning the different styles available means you are in a better position to pick the right shirt to go with your outfit or occasion.