Thedressedchest Instagram account



I wanted to introduce you to a new Instagram account I stumbled upon recently. Thedressedchest is exactly that, a lookbook of great men’s outfit combinations. Get inspired on how to team patterns and stripes or experiment with different textures, this is an Instagram account you should definitely add to your list.


Introducing Atelier Scotch SS15

atelier scotch 1

Atelier Scotch over the last year have come from nowhere and smashed us men across our sartorial faces with a handcrafted jacquard print scarf. They pride themselves on modern tailoring offering gentleman a softer suiting option weaving in bold patterns among the unrestricted clothing range.


Trend Fail: Jogging Bottoms




Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t follow trends and steer clear of menswear shops that focus on wishy washy here today, gone tomorrow fashion. Here I’m going to highlight one of those current trends that really gets my back up, and that is jogging or sweatpants.


The Rise of Online Personal Shopping Services


Right before I start, I had the idea for this post before Enclothed featured on Dragons Den here in the UK last week. The show has brought these services to the forefront and I’m sure Enclothed will have a lot of success on the back of their investment and their brand exposure. But I have been aware of these personal shopping services for awhile now especially after Nordstrom in the US bought Trunk Club.


A Brief History of James Smith & Sons

james smith

Located at the end of New Oxford Street this store had always been somewhat of a conundrum to me. I have traveled past it hundreds of times on the bus heading to work, normally in a state of dreary eyed comatose. I would get captivated by its historic facade that looks straight out of a film set.

While the surrounding buildings become encased in glass and steel, James Smith & Sons remains largely untouched with enamel signage proclaiming its established year of 1830. And upon reading my new purchase ‘Perfect Gentleman’ by James Sherwood I got to learn more about the shops history.


How Do You Solve A Problem Like London Collections: Men?

london collections front row

London Collections: Men has done some fantastic work in moving London to the forefront of men’s fashion. When it was established, LC:M gave a platform to London based brands and designers to show the world what they can offer. With the growing success of the bi-yearly showcase the heads of international brands were turning and one by one they have been queuing up to get involved. For example Tiger of Sweden had ever only shown in their homeland before deciding to join the LC:M lineup. It is fast becoming the envy of the fashion world.


Made to Measure vs Bespoke Tailoring

savile row cutting

I have seen a lot of brands and department stores releasing made to measure services over the last year and it got me thinking whether men know the difference between this and bespoke tailoring. As a massive advocate for English heritage and the businesses of Savile Row in particular I thought it important for education on the matter.


A man’s best friend…long johns

vintage long john

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When I talk about owning a pair of long johns a wry smile always comes across peoples face, and I have no idea why! My long johns are fantastic this time of year and I wouldn’t be without them. For most I think it is a case of not ever having tried them before and therefore they don’t know what they are missing. These aren’t a fashion statement to be worn on their own, they are a piece of underwear to keep you warm and may result in you not having to purchase lots of new winter pieces.