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mens shirt and tie combo
Fashion & Style

10 Of The Best Shirt And Tie Combos

Unfortunately for a lot of men they find themselves confined to a corporate suit for the majority of the working week. Thus not allowing any of their personality to shine through. The corporate shackles have a quick way of removing fashion and trends from sight in the office, and as a result, men then find …

how to tie mens scarves
Fashion & Style

Five Ways For Men To Tie A Scarf

The scarf should perform its main functionality, to keep men warm. It is also a versatile accessory though that can be a key layering piece or a good way for men to introduce a pop of colour to their outfits. Especially at a typically grey and dull time of year. This article will offer men five …

mens smart casual outfit
Fashion & Style

The Rules To Men’s Smart Casual

For men there are very few things in life that give them such a conundrum like smart casual. It is a phrase banded around flippantly through a man’s professional and personal life; fine examples are the new job’s office dress code or the summer drinks invite. Both say smart casual. But they are such different …

panama hat being worn on beach
Fashion & Style

5 Classic Men’s Hat Styles

When it comes to men’s hat styles, retailers make the waters muddy by interchanging their use of names instead of sticking to the main individual style criteria. Although since the 1970’s the use of hats by men has reduced dramatically, there has been a resurgence over recent years so to give you a clearer picture …

steve mcqueen wearing persol sunglasses and harrington jacket
Fashion & Style

5 Ways To Dress Like Steve McQueen

He is the epitome of Hollywood cool, the rebellious leading man, and is a constant source of style inspiration for men across the world. Whether it is his tailored look in The Thomas Crown Affair, the Bullit rollneck or the paired down all-American looks he favoured whilst riding his bike. Either way, there are some classic staples …

surprised looking old man

11 Signs You Are Getting Old

It is inevitable that we as men are getting old. It creeps up on us and before we know it we have turned into our dad. Here is 11 signs that this may have already happened to you. How many apply to you?   1. Modern Music Doesn’t Interest You You can’t name any song in …

man kissing fiancees hand

A Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring

As someone who had to recently go through this process I would say I’m well placed to offer some sound advice to men looking to pop the question.   Maybe Valentine’s Day cemented the thoughts in your mind that he/she is ‘the one’, or you have been toying with the idea for some time. Either …

hands presenting a gift
Etiquette Tips

Pick The Right Valentine’s Day Gift

To uncover the true art of finding the right gift this Valentine’s then gentlemen have to first remove the materialistic ideology people have towards gift giving. When you look at Valentine’s Day, Christmas or birthdays we focus on the exchange of physical gifts and not the sentiment or emotional ties we have with the object. …

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