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panama hat being worn on beach
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5 Classic Men’s Hat Styles

When it comes to men’s hat styles, retailers make the waters muddy by interchanging their use of names instead of sticking to the main individual style criteria. Although since the 1970’s the use of hats by men has reduced dramatically, there has been a resurgence over recent years so to give you a clearer picture …

steve mcqueen wearing persol sunglasses and harrington jacket
Fashion & Style

5 Ways To Dress Like Steve McQueen

He is the epitome of Hollywood cool, the rebellious leading man, and is a constant source of style inspiration for men across the world. Whether it is his tailored look in The Thomas Crown Affair, the Bullit rollneck or the paired down all-American looks he favoured whilst riding his bike. Either way, there are some classic staples …

frank sinatra shaving in front of mirror
Fashion & Style

Shave Like A Gentleman Routine

I recently received a brand new shaver from the better half and have finally started to enjoy, and dare I say it look forward to shaving. It is only in the past few years that I started wet shaving. For most of my adult years I preferred a beard or at least stubble to take away …

three men all wearing a white t-shirt
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Menswear Essentials Part 1: The White T-Shirt

Building a man’s wardrobe can take time, it isn’t going to happen over night. But there are fundamental pieces in your wardrobe that should be the foundation. Inevitably your style will develop and change over time, that key item you wore in your twenties will be thrown out when you enter your thirties. The building …

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