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chambray denim fabric
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The Difference Between Chambray and Denim

This little nugget of information for men will solve any argument between what is a denim fabric and what is chambray. To the common man in fact these might both be the same thing, pigeon holed simply as denim. But understanding the difference will ensure you get the right item for the right occasion. Although similar …

selfridges mens shoe department
FootwearStyle Advice

What To Look For When Buying New Shoes

For some men, shoes (I don’t mean trainers) are an obsession. Understanding the craftsmanship of well-made shoes, and the time that can go into building bespoke styles for example can easily see a man investing in a growing collection. Bespoke clothing and accessories become an investment to the discerning man, an extravagance that sets his outfit apart …

old fashioned whiskey drink

How To Make An Old Fashioned At Home

It is the original American cocktail, with ingredients so simple—sugar, bitters, bourbon, water, ice—that making one might seem idiot proof. But the Old- Fashioned is fiendishly difficult to perfect; the elements need to blend harmoniously for the drink to come off. Feeling daunted? Fear not, the home bartender can get the knack of this elegant …

Style Advice

How To Wear Jeans With Your Blazer

The epitome of smart casual, the blazer and jeans is a fail-safe option for many modern gentleman’s needs. Whether it be a casual Friday work attire or drinks with friends, this combination will make sure men are neither too under dressed or overdressed for the occasion. For the benefit of this article we are going …

shaving when you have sensitive skin
Grooming AdviceShaving

Tips For Shaving With Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive then you must be careful not to offend it. The most insulting swipe is one with a reckless razor and an ill-prepared barber. Buy a face wash or facial scrub with natural ingredients and apply it to your facial hair to soften. Hydrate the skin with lukewarm water for at least 2 minutes. The …

david gandy sunbathing
Grooming AdviceTanning

Tips For Men On Keeping Their Tan For Longer

So after you return from a fantastic sunny break, the last thing you want is for your tan to start fading quicker than you can say “two weeks in Morocco”. A tan can give a glowing complexion to men, and most would say they prefer themselves with a little colour. It also has tendency to …

skinny dressing for men
Style Advice

How To Dress For A Slim And Skinny Figure

Understanding your body shape will help men to buy the right clothes. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will make your money go further whilst ensuring you look the best you can every day. It is rare for men to be able to look their best in every style and pattern available. So knowing what …

man getting a wet shave
Grooming AdviceShaving

What Is A Wet Shave

Here’s a common question we overhear: ‘Where can I get a traditional wet shave in London? It’s true. The art of shaving and more so traditional wet shaving has been conceded to the rapid nature of the 21 st century. Although, all is not lost because there are some fine establishments like our own Jack The Clipper which …

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