So often we see men fall at the first style hurdle. Before they even leave the house they have made a multitude of errors with their outfit that needs already. Avoiding these common men’s style mistakes will ensure you don’t end up on the sartorial scrapheap.

1. T-Shirts Are Too Tight

Your t-shirt should not be a) digging into your biceps b) accentuating your beer gut c) riding up when you reach for something. If you have a tick next to any of these then move up a size.


2. Trouser Are Too Long

This goes for men’s formal trousers as well as jeans. You could simply be one of those unfortunate men that is in-between sizes for most brands, but if your jeans are fraying at the bottom then it is time for a new pair. Quite a few high street stores now offer alterations on jeans, alternatively search for your local tailors or dry cleaners who should be able to assist you. Same goes for formal trousers, if there is a build of material sitting over the laces of your shoes then time for a change.


3. Your Formal Shirt Is Untucked

It is a super simple one to rectify. So gain back some sartorial brownie points by ensuring your formal shirt is tucked in at all times. Shirt material hanging over your waist screams a lack of effort.


4. Wrong Socks With Suit

Rather than matching your socks to the shoes you are wearing, match them to the suit for work or formal occasion. This change of thinking will mean you wear navy socks with your navy trousers instead of black to match your black shoes for example.


5. Belt and Shoe Colour Doesn’t Match

This starts with a man’s shopping habits. Not being prepared when shopping means you know you need to buy a new brown belt but you haven’t checked the tone or exact colour match required. What you end up with is a dark brown belt going with tan shoes.


6. Shoes Are Dirty

Read our guide on how a gentleman shines his shoes here, and make sure you never leave the house with worn or dirty looking shoes. It’s said one of the first things a woman notices about a man is his shoes, so make sure you are making a good first impression.


7. Waistcoat Is Fully Buttoned Up

This is a common mistake down to mere awareness amongst men. When wearing a wastcoat, or cardigan for that matter, keep the bottom button undone, Not only will it maintain a slimmer silhouette for the waistcoat but it will also remove any material bulking above the waistline.


8. Clothes Are Wrinkled

Preparation is key with this one. Take the time to organise your wardrobe and even plan ahead with your outfits. That way you will know that all your clothes are laundered and in top condition to be worn. Utilise dry cleaners if you have one local, this takes the effort out of ironing work shirts for example and can also help your clothes last for longer.


9. Not Buttoning Enough Shirt Buttons

Leave a little to the imagination! Simon Cowell should never be someone a man looks to for style inspiration. If you have decided not to wear a tie then undo the top button and if you feel the outfit supports it then undo the next button. And then stop there, refrain from the urge to unleash your chest hair anymore than that.


10. Overly Branded Fashion Items

Hopefully this is something that you grow out of once you hit your twenties. But I still shudder when I see some men with excessive belt buckles brandishing designer names just above their genitals. A gentleman is not label hungry and doesn’t see this fashion ‘chest beating’ as a way of impressing his peers or someone he is romantically (or wants to be) involved with.


11. Pockets Are Bulky

With the advances in modern technology smartphones are now the norm. They are getting slimmer with each release, so there are no excuses for stuffing your old school Nokia into your trouser pocket. Invest in a slim coat wallet or chequebook wallet like this for your coat or suit jacket, remembering to remove any unwanted cards and receipts that may bulk it out more than needed.


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