As you know, here on A Gentleman’s Row we champion minimalist design and great craftsmanship. Often when searching for headphones to wear on your commute, men are faced with giant monstrosities that just aren’t practical. What I look for in my tech accessories is great quality without the need for over-the-top design. Tech should integrate seamlessly with a man’s everyday life and that includes his wardrobe.

Here we bring you some of the best minimalist headphones available on the market today.

Aiaiai Tracks

headphones by aiaiai

Danish brand, Aiaiai have created some award winning headphones focusing on subtle designs with clean lines. The customisable slider on the ‘Tracks’ range comes in three colourways and its 40mm speaker offers full-spectrum sound.

Available from

Bowers and Wilkins P3

bowers p3 black headphones

The most understated of the B&W headphone range, the P3 delivers exceptional sound quality in a portable design. Now in a variety of colours stray away from the traditional black and experience depth and detail in your music.

Available from

Sony SH60

sony sbh60 headphones

These Sony SH60 headphones are discreet and comfortable to wear. Take calls and listen to music through a wired or wireless option. The battery life is good, with up to 13 hours and the speakers come with 30mm drivers.

Available from

Nixon Apollo 3-Button

nixon apollo 3 button headphones

The Nixon Apollo comes in a compact and lightweight design which is ideal for the busy commuter. They benefit from a 40mm driver and a great price point.

Available from

Aedle VK-1

adele vk-1 headphones

Probably my favourite looking on the list from Parisians Aedle. Made from aluminium in Brittany, France and using soft lambskin leather, these headphones are both light and durable. They also come with built in 40mm titanium speaker drivers.

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