Like a well dressed, well groomed Moses, we stand on the metaphorical sartorial mountain, bringing you the 8 commandments to avoid when it comes to men’s grooming. These are genuine mistakes we see on a daily basis, and avoiding these will mean you are well on your way to looking like a gentleman.


1. Dirty Nails

In the mid-20th century, men used to take immaculate care of nails regularly attending beauty salons to have their cuticles tidied up. Over time the insistence on men to take as much care of their nails has reduced. A simple way to keep on top of your nail cleanliness is to keep a nail brush in the shower. Then during the morning shower routine it will only take a quick minute to ensure those nails are squeaky clean.

2. Too Much Aftershave

Walking down the street, no man or woman wants to breathe in a waft of someone’s aftershave stench. Being a gentleman is about having a touch of class and reserve in both your clothing choices, etiquette and grooming regimes. A woman will much prefer getting a wonderful smell of your aftershave when she leans in to greet you rather than needing to open the office windows when you walk through the door.


3. Hair on The Back of Your Neck

This coincides with keeping on top of your hair spruceness. Regularly booking in a haircut with a barber will make sure that your hairline is well manicured. Stray hairs sticking above your shirt is a no-go. So if need be invest in a beard trimmer which will happily do the job in between cuts.


4. Unkempt Facial Hair

If you are going to do a beard then do a beard properly. Keep it clean, well trimmed and use beard oil so it will look its manly best. We would always encourage being clean shaving but if you are someone that likes a bit of stubble, then discover your optimum beard length, Men will always prefer their stubble a certain length, but as soon as it goes over then remove or trim. In the work world, unkempt facial hair will portray a bad image showing a lack of enthusiasm.


5. Not Styling Your Hair

Not styling your hair is typically a time management issue. If you don’t allow time in the morning for adequate coiffing then you end up leaving the house missing an important part of your sartorial elegance. Again it exudes a lack of commitment to your appearance which many will feel rightly or wrongly that you apply to other elements of your life.


6. Too Much Hair Product

The opposite to not styling is…well…shall we just call it the ‘Ronaldo’. A mop of hair greased within an inch of its life and looking like naked flames should be avoided at all times. We can put this down to an education of what styling products are best placed to achieve the required hairstyle. Men trying to achieve a particular look end up not preparing their hair prior to styling and then overcompensate not having the right product by using too much of the wrong one. Take advice from your barber on what products would be best suited to your hair.


7. Not Taking Care of Your Eyebrows

This could be overly bushy eyebrows, or a monobrow, but we implore you to find the time to maintain good eyebrows. Find out what the best arch should be, don’t remove any further than the bridge of your nose from between your eyebrows and keep on top of stray short hairs. For a more in depth guide on how to maintain your eyebrows, you can read our previous guide here.

8. Ignoring Nose and Ear Hair

We all had that teacher at school that had a hairy forest growing out of their visible orifices. Hair growing from ears and noses are a thought that genuinely makes me cringe. Take a quick reconnaissance mission in the bathroom mirror and make sure you purchase an ear and nose trimmer and keep on top of those bushes if needed.




Sam Brady

Sam Brady is a menswear and grooming specialist and the founder of A Gentleman's Row.

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