Bad skin in men can often be a traumatising issue. It can lead to men being ashamed of the way they look, and have a real impact on their self-confidence. But thankfully there are steps men can take to get better skin by taking a closer look at what they put in their bodies.

Past research has shown that it is important for men to take better care in their diets in order to prevent or cure a breakout of acne. Key factors for getting acne can be attributed to blood sugar spikes, dairy, the intake of fatty acids and gluten.

1. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

A spike in blood sugar levels will create more insulin in the body and there have been studies that show a link between the amount of insulin in the body and adult skin acne.

Vegetables are a fantastic way to give your body lots of antioxidants and a varied offering will help reduce inflammation of the skin.
Little and often. Eating small meals throughout the day is an easier way to maintain your blood sugar levels and monitor your nutritional intake.

2. Test Your Dairy Intolerance

Dairy as a cause is not definitive, but it has been said that milk has a link to the testosterone hormone which can stimulate oil glands that lead to acne.

There is no harm in men testing the theory. Reduce your intake of dairy by using replacement products, or mix up mealtimes to cut out the need for dairy all together and monitor the results. It is still important for your body to get calcium though so make sure you up your intake in kale, broccoli and sardines for example.

3. Reduce Fatty Acids

The fatty acids we are referring to are typically omega-6’s that can be found in vegetable oils. So put down that fried chicken and chips. Balance your intake of omega-6’s out with more fish rich in omega-3 and medically approved supplements to develop better skin.

4. Remove Gluten From Your Diet

Reducing or removing gluten from your diet can have a positive effect on your body. Men are used to using gluten especially at lunchtime as way to tell their bodies that they are full up. Bread is a prime example of this. In the case of your skin though, sensitivity to gluten in some cases can create a skin rash.

Seek medical advice if you think you have received a skin rash from gluten as a sensitivity to gluten could be a result of celiac disease.

5. Lower Your Alcohol Intake

We have all woken up after a heavy night gasping for a glass of water. This is because alcohol dehydrates the skin, flushing the body of vitamins. In particular removing Vitamin A which is vital for cell renewal and leaves you missing that fresh skin glow.

Missing vital nutrients, electrolytes and fluids because of drinking can also make your skin look puffy and lead to bloating in the face. In severe cases of drinking alcohol over a longer period of time it can cause Roseacea which starts off with flushing of the skin but can lead to that permanent redness you see with the old men in your local boozer.

Final Thought

Here at A Gentleman’s Row we aren’t telling men to pack up their stuff and go live in a monastery. But what we are saying is that there is nothing gentlemanly about binge drinking and do your best to take better care of your body, because when you do, your skin will reap the benefits.

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