So you have got yourself a hot date, you have picked the right restaurant and your outfit is looking great. The meal has gone well, no food down your shirt and she is even laughing at your shit jokes. Signalling to the waiter that you want the bill you have an air of confidence and authority. She was never going to be paying but your self assurance has cemented this.

You reach inside your breast pocket and pull out your wallet….her face drops! Tatty receipts protrude from your dog eared excuse for a a gentleman’s accessory. You fumble to pull your credit card out, which seems to have become super glued. As your face becomes flushed and your decorum evaporates so does any chance of using that 5 year old condom that has just falling on the restaurant floor.

Never fear, help is at hand, read our guide on how to get the right men’s wallet.

The importance of a good men’s wallet

I can understand somewhat why men can overlook accessories such as an umbrella. It doesn’t rain everyday, and men can struggle to see the value in investing in a fashion accessory that isn’t regularly used over the course of a year. But show me a man that doesn’t use a wallet on a near daily basis. And if you can then I will slap him in the face and tell him to buy a wallet!

It pains me to see some of the terrible wallets that men own. It seems that some were bought when that man was a teen and have never been replaced, despite their tatty facade.

I would suggest that a man should have two wallets, one formal and a subsequent more casual offering.

Formal/Smart Wallet

I’m an key advocate of a longer, slimmer coat wallet kept in suit or coat breast pocket. It is a style lacking on the high street these days and you may need to spend more with a designer brand in order to accommodate your needs. It is reminiscent of the 1960’s and you can imagine James Bond making room for one within his dinner jacket.

large mens wallet being held, Image from City of Gentleman blog
Image from City of Gentleman blog

This is the style of men’s wallet I use the most, I picked mine, a vintage tan leather version from a boot fair in Wimbledon, South London. Imagine how impressive this would look alongside your leather strap watch and shiny cufflinks on a romantic date. Or alternatively make a real statement with the boss as you offer to pay for the work lunch or the coffee you just had with a client.

Casual Wallet

Now this is where a man can be more versatile with his wallet choice. Often men’s fashion and the high street in particular lack the attention to detail when it comes to accessories so you may need to have a hunt around. Look at handmade market places like Etsy who showcase a range of leather goods, combining for example iphone cases and wallets (here) in a modern day hybrid. You might want to just go with a simple leather card holder or a small bi-fold Want Les Essentiels or Comme des Garcons option.

man getting card out of his wallet, image from mr porter

Stay clear of textured wallets. They can look shabby very quickly and reek of adolescence. Stick with a good leather addition and if you can get a handmade version then this will only add to your sartorial plaudits.

As with all men’s accessories, attention to detail is key. There is no reason men should be overlooking this important piece of kit, investing in a good wallet will lift your confidence and your entire outfit.


Sam Brady

Sam Brady is a menswear and grooming specialist and the founder of A Gentleman's Row.

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