Gift Inspiration For The Discerning Gent

Shopping for the right gift for a discerning man can be a challenging task, not because there aren’t lots of gift choices to make but because they are quite picky. Don’t get me wrong, just like women, men also like receiving gifts. But if you want to please a true gent you have to pay close attention to details opting for classy style rather than flashy gift appearances.

To help you in your quest for the perfect gift for men with a good sense of style here are some inspirational ideas. I’m positive you will find a unique idea:

New Fragrance

Not just any fragrance, go for something uniquely different from what the average Joe out there uses. Men can get attached to a peculiar scent for a long time until something different tempts them. With numerous fragrance products coming out yearly, men are missing out with their stubbornness to change scents.

A scent that packs a punch is this powerful woody and citrus choice from Acqua di Parma. Alternatively, Tom Ford delivers a range of fragrances that are bold but not overpowering.

Statement Timepiece

If you have the money to spend, go for a classic timepiece that has the potential of setting you back a few thousand bucks. Remember, discerning gents can easily tell the difference between an expensive piece and a knockoff.

If you know him well, you can at least tell the kind of watches he uses. Go for something along the same lines. He will appreciate it. Men are in love with watches, not because of the functionality of telling time but because they are a fashion statement piece that is timeless.

Designer Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are a winning gift item for men. Although they are quite pricey, they are a gift investment risk worth taking. Look online and try to match his face with an appropriate shape of sunglasses or go for the kind that matches several head shapes.

Outside of the fact that they are functional with UV protection, designer sunglasses are timeless and will serve their purpose deep into the future. Don’t feel this is restricted to summer gifts either, Protection from UV is often overlooked during the colder months despite their still being the need to look after your eyes. 

Subscription Service

While this might not be an obvious choice at first, bear in mind that we live in an era for digital gratification and so this might kick in for a man who knows the worth. Give him a gift subscription that will last him for a year.

Be innovative in your approach and think of things that he is likely to use regularly. The list of options is exhaustive. From craft beer, whiskey, shaving to even bacon. There seems to be a subscription service for any manner of things. 

Knife Set

It might be the hunter gatherer in us, but the kitchen can serve as place of passion for many men. With the territory comes a host of gadgets to help recreate the dining experiences we are used to when we eat out. If he hasn’t got the space for a water bath, then a quality knife set will have him feeling like Gordon Ramsey. These VG max steel knives have exceptional sharpness. They are hand hammered and have a beautiful walnut handle, just mind the fingers.


Give him the tools he needs to make his favourite drink after a long day at work. For the whiskey lovers, a beautiful crystal decanter set like this one from Mr Porter is perfect. Not only will it help you enjoy your drink, but this stunning piece will also double as an interior design piece and a great conversation starter.


Jewellery is often left on the wayside when men put together an outfit. Part of the reason is that most men see it too flashy, or too feminine.  If you have to pick a piece of jewellery for men, the rule of thumb is to shop for classic and quality pieces.

A quality band made of gold, titanium or silver on the wrist or the finger can dress up a boring look to something more inspirational and fun.


You can have the right suit, the perfect body or a nice car. But, all this will be undermined by bad skin. The discerning gent we would imagine already has some kind of routine going on at home. Take it further and book him in a professional facial. Help relieve the stress our skin goes through on a daily basis and deep clean those pores. He’ll come out the other end, relaxed, fresh faced and unduly appreciative.

You can find you local facial by using a site like

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