How To Control Oily Skin

Unlike women who can enhance, define or conceal their skin, hiding away any imperfections that may have recently popped up. Men are often left to struggle on into the pits of oily, dry or combination skin without a helping hand in sight. As a result, men aimlessly buy and test a range of products and brands to beat their problem. But by not getting to the root of the problem, they end up making it worse.

Well AGR is on-hand to offer men some sound advice on helping get the best skin possible. In this post we are going to talk about how to control oily skin.

To get technical, you have oily skin because along with your male hormones you have an over-active sebaceous gland, producing sebum that lubricates the skin. The result being typically shiny patches or outbreaks of spots. Following these tips is going to be the first step in beating that oily skin. Combine them with the use of the right products and oily skin could become a thing of the past.

Avoid Using Very Hot Water

Using water that is too hot on oily skin can sometimes make the problem worse. It can end up stimulating more production from the sebaceous gland and thus creating more oily patches.

Use A Shave Gel

Shave gels in comparison to oils and creams/foams, tend to dry the skin out more. This is a good thing for a man with oily skin but just remember to use a moisturiser after shaving to re-hydrate the skin and keep it looking fresh.

Don’t Ignore A Moisturiser

The common theme is for men with oily skin to think that adding extra product onto the skin is going to make things worse. Oily patches don’t mean your skin is over-hydrated. An oil-free moisturiser will keep your skin looking hydrated whilst protecting and won’t add to your problem. If your oily areas are the forehead and nose then only apply the oil-free moisturiser to these parts of the face (the t-zone) only and use another product for the rest of the face.

Don’t Wash Too Many Times A Day

Washing your face too many times during the day can lead to irritation and redness. The production of sebum to lubricate the face is a defence mechanism for irritation. So the less irritation men can inflict on their faces the better.

Regularly Exfoloiate

Prevent blocked pores by exfoliating twice a week. An exfoliate will remove the top layer of skin and any dead cells, with dead cells in particular a key reason for blocking pores.

Try A Face Mask

A face mask a couple of times a week is a great way to get some nutrients and antioxidants into the skin. Along with exfoliating it will help un-clog those blocked pores so your skin can breathe again. Look for a clay based version which will help remove excess grease and grime.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is a sure-fire way to increase hormone levels and get those glands working over-time. More hormones means more oil production. Get a real focus on your work-life balance to make sure you are creating enough time for yourself. Both your skin and your work will benefit from it.

Keep Hands Away

We as men always have an urge to fiddle (keep it clean gents). We tinker with cars, electronics and anything else we get our hands on. So when we get oily skin, spots or other blemishes we generally decide to prod and poke them throughout the day. This doesn’t do us any favours. If you have seen a build up of oil over the day then use a toner pad or blotting paper to clear away the excess and not your fingers.

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