Our phones consume such a large percentage of our conscious time, and they are often the first thing we reach for in the morning. The rise of social media and on-demand video and music means our phones are invaluable to us. They are our gateways to the broader world — a source of knowledge and enlightenment at times, but more frequently a source of anxiety for many. Award-winning London design studio, Blond, is looking to break bad habits with our digital devices with their ‘Mindfulness Phone’. They believe that products should have a positive impact on the user’s life. Not just bought and then upgraded in a few months, but something that can transcend generations.

As you would expect of an award-winning design studio, their product is visually stunning. The phone is covered in matte plastic, with the e-ink display looking like a wraparound. Pebble-like in its appearance it is a detox phone for the generations addicted to their hyper-connected, always-on lives.

Any phone you buy is continuously ‘connected’, whether it be to the mobile service provider or wi-fi. The ‘Mindfulness Phone’ is offline first. That way, you are not bombarded with calls and often irrelevant notifications. You connect it to use it, thus helping to keep your mind clearer, and helping to remove some anxiety and stress.

This simple yet effective phone is part of a growing trend for mindful devices that help us to disconnect from our busy lives.

Design by Blond Design Studio

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