Is Quality Shave Cream Necessary?

the importance of good shaving cream

There is no denying the convenience of using a shaving cream out of a can. We as men, have all probably grown up with seeing the cream on our father’s bathroom shelf. It was this same can (we weren’t going to buy our own) that we reached for when starting to shave as a teenager. Subsequently most men have kept to this same habit of convenience without exploring the other products on the market.

Trying a traditional shaving cream is much like falling in love with shaving again. For men, shaving has become a necessary evil needed to look presentable in their work environment. Little care is given to the detail of the products, just as long as it does the job with minimum fuss. Introducing a quality shaving cream, accompanying badger brush and an old school razor will not only lead to a nicer shave, but create a sense of tradition and nostalgia to the morning routine. Get rid of the mass produced rubbish. It only serves the purpose that you should buy more items from that brand to combat the original bad shave you got from them. The new weapons in your bathroom routine will make you feel like a gent, make you look great, and give you the confidence that you can achieve your manly goals that day.

Shaving Cream In A Can

The main goal of these types of shaving creams is to give you maximum foam without the need for water. Pumped full of chemicals, they will create a nice lather with minimum effort. I don’t know about you, but adding all those chemicals to my face is not something I want to do first thing in the morning. For me personally I am subject to sensitivity, so would need a natural product that won’t irritate my skin.

A close shave needs water to soften the hairs, while a badger brush raises them so they can be easily shaved and not pulled. In the case of the latter it leads to open pores, that can create stubble rash or ingrown hairs. Canned shaving creams need little or no water to create the lather, and can be applied by hand. As a result they won’t hydrate the skin and will be prone to giving men irritation.

The Answer

lather your mens shaving cream

Use a natural shaving cream that needs a brush and water to create the lather. It will be kinder to your skin, as these creams are packed full of healing ingredients that will soothe and hydrate your skin. You may find that using this different type of cream will reduce your reliance on post-shave balms and lotions needed in the past to combat any irritants.

Before getting in the shower, soak the brush in a cup of warm water to soften the bristles. Once you have finished the shower add some cream into a bowl and lather up with the wet brush, then apply. Be sure to wet the face so as to improve the lather and the overall shave. Updating this routine for me adds a sense of nostalgia. It is like stepping back in history and using the products and processes our older generation would have used, before convenience overtook performance.

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