Roll Neck – A Guide On How To Embrace It

It seems that the male public have an inherent fear of the roll neck, which I believe can be traced back to the fashion nightmare of the 1970’s! Oh and by roll neck I mean the polo neck, or the turtleneck…whatever you want to call it.

When you picture yourself wearing a roll neck you muster a horrific vision of your dad wearing one (most probably mustard in colour) with a mop of coiffed hair and a caterpillar sleeping on his top lip. It is these 70’s fashion faux pas that literally chill us to the bone. So much so, that when we go shopping and see one, you get a flashback reminiscent of The Manchurian Candidate and nearly throttle the nearest shop assistant screaming “get out of my head!”, before sliding down the wall in a flood of tears next to the changing rooms in Topman.

Do you know what, I’m determined to break down these barriers and embrace the roll neck this winter. Bold some might say, foolish others might say! The key is the colour. Don’t experiment with a colour you would never normally wear the rest of the year, only to swan into your Christmas party looking like Sean Connery’s lovechild. For me I’m going to go down the suiting road, using it as an alternative to the shirt and tie but adding depth to my outfit whilst keeping me warm at the same time. My recommendation would be going with a burgundy roll neck underneath a navy blue suit, this can be statement in itself so don’t mess about with adding pocket squares.

I’m a purveyor of simple timeless fashion that doesn’t need the ‘trends’ that some brands try to force down our throats. When spring hits, remove the suit jacket and you can get more use out of your new purchase.

Men’s Roll Neck Inspiration

Roll Neck
Some inspiration from


 A Gentleman’s Row Picks

Let me know your thoughts, are you purchasing a roll neck this AW?

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  1. Hi Sam,just on the bus,thought I’d pass the time reading you website.About rollnecks,I’m wearing a thick knit one (navy)right now,damn hot.Would i have. Bought one,probably not,it was a present.-but yes be a fashion leader,wear one,though of course fine knit,and remember the medallion,Ian

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