My previous experiences with linen have not been kind (don’t go there), hence my 12 year hiatus from owning anything remotely linen. In that time I have bravely and foolishly sweated my way through every London tube journey known to man whilst staying safe in the knowledge that any linen products on the high street were more ‘beach wedding’ then ‘riviera smart’.

Maybe brands never thought it never went higher than 15 Celsius in Britain, so refused to entertain the fact that men needed fashionable linen. Recently I have found myself hunting more and more for some decent linen on the high street that can keep me cool but still have a smart edge.

It seems now that retailers have finally started to wake up to this much maligned material and we can be truly thankful to them.

Zara Man

The resurgence of Zara over the past few years continues with and unflappable linen collection that hasn’t just stuck to the familiar. Men can shop from check double breasted blazers, and Mao collar shirts to upgrade their summer wardrobes without breaking the bank.

Visit online at

zara linen collection


As if you could ever doubt them, like a comfortable pair of slippers, Uniqlo always delivers. And like those slippers, you know exactly what you are getting when it comes to their menswear; affordability, comfort and quality of product.

Visit online at 

uniqlo linen collection

Suit Supply

More men should be aware of this brand. The Amsterdam based brand aren’t just specialists in that just above the high street suit, and their linen collection is perfect for the warmer months. Our pick is the pure linen Havana suit in red shown in the second picture.

Visit online at

suit supply linen collection

Massimo Dutti

You may have already seen me champion one of their menswear pieces in a previous post here. Massimo Dutti is another example of a European fashion brand showing the British how to dress for the summer in style.

Visit online at

massimo dutti linen collection

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