A key accessory that I will soon be adding to my wardrobe is a silk scarf. Frustratingly I recently saw an older gentleman on the tv wearing a silk scarf tucked under his jumper but can’t for the life of me remember who it was. But it made me a bit obsessive in hunting out a scarf to purchase.

In this article I am going to show how men can wear the silk scarf in a couple of different ways to add a new dimension to both your smart and casual outfits.

Accessorise your suit

I applaud men that try and add a bit of life to the somewhat troublesome suit. When worn everyday men can lack imagination and go for the same shirt with the same tie day in, day out. But over recent years, men have started adding pocket squares, which can incorporate a dash of colour to their work uniform. But why stop there, using a silk scarf can correspond nicely with your pocket square and tie to bring together your outfit perfectly.

Don’t leave the the silk scarf just for the ill advised trip to the casino, use as you would any of your other smart fashion accessories.

men wearing scarves with blazers, a gentlemans row fashion blog

Try a neck tie

Now this is not a look I would advise to the mass menswear market. It is a fine line between looking good and looking like a fisherman’s lovechild or the camp friend in a 1970’s Shaft film. If you are willing to try this then I would suggest subtlety is key. Let the neck tie be the key item that draws the eye and keep the rest of the palette neutral.

Ideally if this is your tentative first steps with this trend then I would suggest a casual plain white shirt as the base so you can experiment with different silk scarf colours.

three men wearing neck ties, a gentlemans row mens blog


Wear beneath knitwear

Probably the most vague headline I have written! To be fair it’s descriptive enough and covers exactly what I am going to talk about. Wearing in this manner harks back to the golden era of Hollywood from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s when actors were as well dressed off the screen as they were on. This is the look I am going to be introducing to my repertoire as it will easily elevate a standard merino or cashmere knitwear piece without breaking the bank.

picture of three men wearing scarf with knitwear, a gentlemans row

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